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Policy Matters: Perspectives, Procedures, and Processes

David C. Young, Robert E. White, Monica A. Williams

November 13, 2023

Never have policy initiatives been so important than in today’s society. Neoliberal manifestations, climate change, civil rights movements, and governmental reactions to these issues have created a backdrop where greater education in policy analysis and development is vital. Policy is often created for accruing power, expanding privilege, and further marginalizing oppressed groups. Educating policy developers and consumers is but one means of harnessing the positive power of policy while restraining the tendencies to pervert policy for the betterment of a powerful hegemonic elite.

Policy Matters: Perspectives, Procedures, and Processes demystifies policy, exploring how it may truly be transformative in combatting hegemonic and neoliberal incursions into the educational arena. The traditional theory / practice divide is overcome here, uniquely, as educational policy is united with educational reality to empower educators, education stakeholders, and citizens to use policy, policy development, and policy initiatives for the betterment of society as a whole.

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