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Dr. Stephanie Chitpin


Stephanie Chitpin is a Professor of Educational Leadership at the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Chitpin’s principal contribution to leadership and to the professional development of principals rests on her rejection of the inductive method. She argues that knowledge is acquired by hypotheses deductively validated as “falsifiability criteria”. Her research funded by The Social Sciences Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and The Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada, are international in scope, and includes the analysis of the Objective Knowledge Growth Framework (OKGF) based on Sir Karl Popper’s critical rationalism, as a new tool for understanding principals’ decision-making.

Dr. Chitpin’s works include Decision Making in Educational Leadership: Principles, Policies, and Practices (2015), Popper’s Approach to Education: A Cornerstone of Teaching and Learning (2016), Confronting Educational Policy in Neoliberal Times: International Perspectives (2018), Understanding Decision-Making in Educational Contexts: A Case Study Approach (2020).

Dr. Stephanie Chitpin
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